Private/ semi-private session

A private session is a one on one hour with a qualified instructor who will assess your movement and discuss with you what your goals are. Perhaps you want a restorative relaxing session, or a way to get your body back in shape after having your baby, or to improve your athletic performance, or to increase your strength and balance as you get older, or of course just to have an enjoyable Pilates workout (always a good goal!)

A semi-private is an opportunity to share a session with one or two friends, or your partner. You will enjoy learning Pilates together and this can be a way of reducing the cost of a private if you like more individual attention. Ask a friend to book in with you and share the cost of a private session.

These sessions utilize the full complement of Pilates equipment so you will benefit from working on the trapeze table, reformer, ladder barrel and multi chair.

Group session

Group sessions follow on from private tuition. These are opportunities to practice your workout using the studio equipment with supervision from an instructor. There may be between 3 and 8 people all working on their on programmes during a group session. There is less supervision than your private but always someone available to guide and instruct you.

Mat and reformer classes

We teach evolved Pilates using modern ideas and methods and contemporary knowledge of health and fitness.

Mat classes range from core principles (beginner level/ rehabilitation) mat 1 (basic mat exercises) and mat 2 (full repertoire), we also have open mat classes which are intermediate level with options for less or more challenge.

Mat classes incorporate use of small props such as balls, rollers, weights, bands and the oov.

Reformer classes are taught on the highest quality Balanced Body Allegro 2 equipment and there are introductory, level 1 and level 2 classes. Reformer workouts combine stability and mobility exercises with spring assistance and resistance for an effective and enjoyable workout.

Bone Builders class for older adults and osteoporosis

A specialized class on the reformer or a combination of mat/reformer that uses exercises designed to increase bone strength and improve balance and movement skills in a safe and effective way. It is important to avoid loaded or excessive flexion and rotation of the spine if you have osteoporosis so this class focuses on strength and correct spinal alignment.